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IT Services

Integrated solutions for Information Communication Technology through single-stop service with integrity, professionalism and timeliness.

Connectivity Services

We are committed to leveraging standardization, scalable, and automation to benefit from network economies of scale. Governed by strict security standards and comprehensive certification and state-of-the-art network technology, combined with a one-stop IT Solution. We provide LAN Managed Services, WAN Managed Services, and Voice Services.


LAN Managed Services

We provide LAN devices and management of LAN for client’s infrastructure in a highly secure manner of conducting activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of LAN networked systems.


WAN Managed Services

We provide WAN links and devices as well as end-to-end management of WAN Circuits and IP services.


Voice Services

We provide voice services and devices. Include conference system, Voice over IP (VoIP) system, and PBX system.

System Infrastructure Services

We are assisting you to effectively model your business processes using ICT by standardizing and harmonizing your infrastructure. We committed to going 100% cloud.


Cloud Services Light Workload/Development

Performs cloud server provisioning on Public Cloud, suitable for development systems or applications that require low memory and the CPU core.


Cloud Services General Workload

Provisioning of cloud server for production applications with medium memory and the CPU core.


Database Licenses

Provide Database License as well as DB support.


Add On Services

Additional services required to support Cloud Services such as backup management, remote access, internet domain & secure Internet domain (SSL).

End User Services

We are assisting you to effectively model your business processes using ICT by standardizing and harmonizing your infrastructure. We committed to going 100% cloud.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

We provide managed services of Personal Computer suitable for daily activities and office work: Desktop & Laptop and its management.


Productivity & Collaboration

We provide application licenses related to the productivity of internet and cloud-based companies Provide Officeworks applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Visio & Project, and Enterprise Voice.


Access Management

We secure private access support services and capabilities to end users such as client VPN (point to the site).

Application Services

We provide Application Support Development Services (AD), and Support Maintenance Services (AM) including License, Subscription & Maintenance. 


Application Support Development Services (AD)

Service which provides application development (create a new product).


Application Support Maintenance Services (AM)

Service which provides application maintenance (for an existing product such as upgrade, additional features, and their maintenance).

Security Services

We provide consulting on global security operations against threats from the Internet and the internet in real time. Complete set of security capabilities including intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, anti-malware, web reputation, and integrity. These include End Point Protection for Desktops/Laptops, Network Security, Server Security, and Vulnerability & Policy Compliance.


End Point Protection for Desktops/Laptops

We provide a Policy-based approach for endpoint device security such as Next Generation Antivirus and Antimalware.


Network Security

Provides an end-to-end capability in managing clients’ complex firewalls in a highly secured manner such as Next Generation Firewall & Proxy and NIPS/NIDS.


Server Security

This service provides Antivirus and Anti-malware management services on Servers.


Vulnerability & Policy Compliance

This service provides security checks for public access. This service also helps to have a centralized view of security and compliance posture.

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