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Digital and Analytics Services

We provide Digital & Analytics Services to enable Digital Transformation by leveraging technology. Our services cover Data & Analytics, Automation, and Digital Applications.

Data & Analytics

Data is the new oil. However, extracting the value of the data requires a combination of technology, analytics skill, and business challenges. We provide a set of services to enable analytics and extract value from data.


Data Platform

Design, architecting, develop, and operate data platform solutions using the most efficient server-less data technology to ensure data pipeline quality from ingestion, preparation, processing, and analytics.


Data Visualization

Design and develop Dashboard/ Data Visualization solutions based on user needs to provide insight from data.



Provide advanced analytics solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


We provide automated routine processes and tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), OCR, Chatbot, and Workflow Automation, and integrated with AI/ Machine Learning to achieve Intelligence Process Automation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Design, architecting, develop, and operate RPA Solutions to automate repetitive, manual, time-consuming, rules-based tasks.


OCR and Document Understanding

Enable automation solution to perform data capture from documents or images using Computer Vision technology.



Automate human conversation-based services using natural language processing.


Workflow Automation

Automate the business process to eliminate paper-based manual processes using workflow automation solutions.

Digital Application Development

Digitizing the process across internal or external (customer) to improve the experience is mandatory. We provide application development solution that suits customer business challenge.


Mobile Application

Design, architecting, develop, and operate mobile application solutions.


Web Application

Design, architecting, develop, and operate web application solutions.

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