IT Services

End User Services

  • Devices as a Services Service that provide laptop, desktop devices and it’s management.
  • Productivity & Collaboration Service that provide application licenses related to the productivity of internet and cloud – based companies.
  • Access Management Service that provide secure private access support services and capabilities to end users such as client VPN (point to site).

Connectivity Services

  • LAN Managed Services Service that provide full management of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure.
  • WAN Managed Services Service which provide intranet and internet network connection between branches, provide by MST according to the needs of the Customer.
  • Voice Services Infrastructure Service to connect voice and or image connectivity by utilizing existing services such as Skype for Business, SIP Phone devices, and internet telephony at Branch Office connected to the Head Office (HO), so that they can carry out business activities.

System Infrastructure Services

MST committed to going 100% cloud.

Security Services

MST committed to maintaining the integrity of customer data and intellectual property.

Application Services

  • Application Support Development Services (AD)
    Service which provide application development ( create new product).
  • Application Support Maintenance Services (AM)
    Service which provide application maintenance (for existing product such as upgrade, additional features, and their maintenance).