PT Mitra Solusi Telematika was established in April 1999 as a member of the Trakindo Group. It is an information and technology company that provides the best solutions for back-up systems and facility management services.

Mitra Solusi Telematika has enjoyed amazing growth since it was founded and is today one of the largest business and information disaster recovery centers and IT facility companies in Indonesia.  
The Mitra Solusi Telematika Business Recovery Services Center, or BRS Center, is a secured computer facility that serves as an online back-up system for companies with IT systems. The center is located in Cikarang, about 40 kilometers east of the Jakarta city center in a secured location close to a major communications axis. The BRS Center is the only facility in the country dedicated to providing business recovery services for companies

Companies that require a back-up system can avoid costly investments, expensive maintenance costs and the need to hire additional personnel by trusting the Mitra Solusi Telematika Business Recovery System for their data security and recovery needs.

The BRS Center will always be there to help get companies up and running again after any disaster.

Vision & Mission

To become a world-class information services management company by: 
             - Being a trend setter in information and technology 
             - Providing the most advanced information technology available 
             - Being the most reliable business partner possible for customers 
             - Helping customers succeed

Business Area

Total IT Services Management 
           - System Integration 
                        + Network Integration 
                        + Network Management

           - Solution & Consulting 
                        + ERP 
                        + DRP

           - Outsourcing Services 
                        + System Management 
                        + Integrated Data Center Management 
                        + Disaster Recovery Services 
                        + Application Hosting 
                        + Co-Location

            - Professional Services 
                        + Maintenance 
                        + IT Training 
                        + Package Solution 

Product & Services              

                                 Information Technology Service Management:

Har­dware Provider: 
+ IBM Business Partner 
+ RS/6000 
+ X Series 
+ Peripherals 
+ Compaq­ 
+ 3 Com 
+ Cisco 
+ Cabling System
Software Provider: 
+ SAP  
+ Movex 
+ Lotus Notes

Business Recovery Services: 
+ Consultancy (DRP) 
+ DRC Services: 
+ Cold Stand by 
+ Hot Stand by 
+ Mirroring 
+ Co-Location

Data Center: 
+ System Management 
+ Integrated Data Center Management 
+ High Availability System Management

Application Hosting: 
ASP Combine software, implementation, infrastructure and service and support to enable one-stop-shopping. Per user per month pricing. Software license owned, or not, by customer.

Disaster Recovery Services   

             - Disaster Recovery Plan 
             - Evaluating DRP 
             - Review DRP 
             - Develop DRP   

DRC Services 
             - Cold Stand By 
             - Hot Stand By 
             - Mirroring 
             - Co-Location 


To serve the best to customer and to preserve our commitment of high availability management, we are always developing the skill and knowledge of our expertise, and adding more expertise either in the same field or different.  Therefore, currently we have technical support as:


  • Call Center 24 hours (Helpdesk)
  • System Engineer     
  • RS/6000 
  • AS400 
  • LAN Engineers :
  • Hardware / software oriented
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Network Administrator 
  • Lotus notes Administrator 
  • Operator 

Office Address:

PT Mitra Solusi Telematika 
Gedung Tiara Marga Trakindo II, floor GF 
Jl. Cilandak KKO Raya 
Jakarta 12560 
Phone :  (021) 2997 6891  
Fax     :  (021) 2997 6891